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Running is the most effective method of for health improvements. It's free and can be done anywhere, but due to risk ion injury often outweighs the benefits, especially for people with underlying heath conditions.

If this is you, you need to look no further, because now you can access a proven framework to train you running injury free and reclaim your health back!


My Expertise

This unique combination of techniques will get your health and fitness levels beyond what you've ever experienced.



Reaching optimal health levels.



Building you up to become next ironman.



Your food is your fuel. Eat well to feel well.



Development of new habits that improves quality of life.



Transform the way of thinking.



Step by step help to get the results you deserve.

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I shared my humble story of turning from couch potato to 100x ironman world-wide in a hope to inspire people like you to start running again.

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Who is Kari?

Hi I'm Kari, I'm a former couch potato weighing over 100 kg. At the age of 42 I saw the closing doors of the ambulance with me lying inside, fighting for live with a heart attack. Whilst doctors were connecting me to life support apertures I prayed to be able to see my 2 years old son again, and I made myself a promise to completely transform my life if I was to be given another chance. 

Fast forward to now, I was lucky enough to survive and since I ran over 100 ironman to inspire others in a hope to save them from a similar ambulance ride. I believe it's never too late to make a change in your life but it's always too early to give up. I hope I can help you too to reach your optimal health and fitness.

My Mission

To be a trusted and committed stand for others to believe and appreciate their worth SO THAT they have the courage to open their eyes and work towards becoming the best version of themselves. And Leading them as Mentor and Coach, Giving them the Inspiration, Motivation, and Strength to Consistently Progress towards their Optimal Healthy Lifestyle.

My Purpouse

To be a trusted and committed stand for others to believe and appreciate their worth SO THAT they have the courage to open their eyes and work towards becoming and realizing the best version of themselves.


My Story

I know how to help you. I've been there myself

Your Health Matters

Get Up And Run

12 weeks self-guided training programme designed to transform your health and fitness, by training you how to run again injury free.


People say

Hear it directly from people I helped already.


Without Kari's help, I would still have been overweight, probably gained even more weight, and would not have been able to play and  support my grandchildren. I get strength from the fact that people around me see my new self  and give me positive comments. I wish more people can experience  this.
Kari, Thank You, for your Coaching & Support!

-Arja Larsson-


Before meeting Kari I was overweight and untrained. Two pregnancies, back and foot problems and were some of the reasons. I needed new goals and a sustainable plan to stay injury free and get back to my former self. Kari has taught me to hurry slowly, to prioritize my health, my training, to set new goals and challenge myself. Now I can run for almost 2 hours without pain and with a lot of energy. My new endurance gives me a better self-confidence so that I can achieve my goals! Without Kari's help, I would not have dared to believe in myself or dare to challenge myself. Thank You!

-Monica Sandler-

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